Building an Effective Social Media Branding

In this day and age, as we might expect, social media is a strong platform for marketing. If used with a good and right strategy, this can bring you a large number of reach and engagements that can lead to load of clients or customers.

For your brand to be recognized and visible in social media, you need to know your target audience and the right platform for the products or services that you offer. We are not saying that you can only have one platform for your social media branding, actually it is better to be active in different social media platforms. In that way you can reach those possible audiences that cannot be reached by only one platform. It is better to say that you should think and strategize how you will market your products and
services based on how a specific social media platform works. For example, here at DHQ Digital Marketing; we do handle and maintain social media accounts of our
clients such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked in and Pinterest (we also make websites for them). We plan and strategize by thinking what is the perfect social media platform for a specific client. Other corporate clients need to have Linked in while Instagram and Pinterest are best for clients that need to market their products.

According to statistics, there are 47 million active users that access social media via mobile. Philippines is the second largest in Facebook Market in Southeast Asia, while there are 1.69 BILLION of active Facebook users, GLOBALLY. That is why Facebook is one of the basic social media platforms (here in the Philippines) that marketing companies including DHQ Digital Marketing use today. Instagram is also a good platform since 130 million of Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month, which is good
news for marketers. However, there are lots of social media platforms available aside from Facebook and Instagram. But once you have decided on what platform you will use; these things might help you in maintaining your social media accounts:

1. Have a scheduled posting- planning is the back bone of everything. Once you planned and scheduled your posting, you are not only helping yourself to get rid of cramming but also, it will lead to consistency. Your audience crave for your contents and once you become consistent on your postings, your brand will appear credible and your audience will have something to look out for.

2. Be consistent on your brand voice and tone- your voice will depend on what image you want others to perceive you and who are your target market. Your brand voice is the catch phrases that you use, your choice of words and how you write sentences. For example; your client is a five-star hotel, so your brand voice should be classy since your target market are high class people-you might think of using fancy words that are applicable for that. While tone, in the other hand is how your readers will feel based on the punctuation and emojis (if appropriate) you use in your sentences.

3. Be consistent on your color palette and visual designs- If you want to be, or stay on the limelight of social media, you need to be consistent on your color palette and your visual style and designs. Your color palette and visuals should depend on what “personality” you want to represent your brand. One important thing to remember in branding is how much people do recognize your brand. It is an achievement to be remembered by people even being exposed to your brand logo or visuals for only once. It should be that catchy and witty to be worth remembering.

4. Measure the impact- Once you succeed on pursuing the best platform for your brand and you managed your regular postings, it is advised to check the impact of it through conversion of sales, number of inquiries, reach and engagements. By doing so, you are not only evaluating how effective your efforts are but also, looking for things that need improvements.

Expect a lot of competitions and always remember to stand out. Social media branding and marketing
might be quite challenging but you can succeed on it by having an ample amount of patience, time and

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March 28, 2020


Social Media Marketing