Digital Education Tools: A virtual classroom

When President Duterte declared enhanced community quarantine, suspension of classes took place. It is when this time came when most of school administrators realized the need of online class.

Online class or e-learning is not new to some schools here in the Philippines. Some of them included it already on their curriculum, especially on tertiary level.

There are schools that already have their own websites for e-learning or online class. To mention a few, De La Salle University has Schoolbook; and Lyceum of the Philippines has MyLPU e-learning portal. These e-learning websites let the teachers upload learning materials and conduct quizzes. They can also have a real time discussion to their students through its features.

Existing educational tools/websites are also available online. Here are some of them:

1. Blackboard

It allows faculties to upload different learning materials like powerpoint and video presentations. Even the materials are created outside the app/website, they can still upload it.

2. Edmodo

It is an educational tool that teachers and students can collaborate. It has 34 million users because of its promising features. Teachers can provide educational materials and create collaborative groups. He/she can also create test and quizzes. Teachers can measure the student performance. They can also communicate with the student's parents.

3. Ted-ed

It is an educational platform that gives an opportunity to create educational lessons. It is open for teachers, students and anyone who loves to learn. This website is for people who want to expand their knowledge and ideas. People can also have an active participation on the learning process of others.

4. Participate / EduClipper
Like other educational tools, it also allows teachers and students collaboration. They can share available references and resources online. Teachers can organize a virtual class through this tool. He/she can also create a portfolio that contains all learning materials.

The idea of e-learning is innovative. Yet, other students can't cope up with this kind of setting because of various reasons. Internet connection is one of the main reasons, the student's learning style is also a factor. But with few improvements and development in the country's technology, e-learning is the future of our education system!

Many IT companies and digital agencies are more than willing to create this kind of eLearning system. LEENTech Network Solutions is one of the best companies offering innovative eLearning platforms. You may directly reach them once you are ready to adapt to this new normal!

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March 29, 2020